About Us

Nancy Riley

Nancy started in sales in 1978 in Boston and moved to Las Vegas in 1981. She started selling jewelry in 2002 and began working for Aaron Lelah in 2010.

Scott Kettler

Scott Kettler began working in the jewelry industry in 1995 in Dayton, Ohio. There he learned the basics of diamond grading and the essentials of the jewelry industry. He moved to Las Vegas in 2004 and began working for Aaron Lelah shortly after arriving. In 2008 he furthered his diamond education at the G.I.A. institute.

Aaron Lelah

Aaron Lelah started making jewelry in 1972 with his father, in Los Angeles. He worked in a jewelry factory in the late 1970's at the jewelry mart downtown L.A. In the 1982 he came to Las Vegas and was co-owner of Meadows Mfg. Jewelers till the late 1990's Aaron decided to open his own store and have special designs of jewelry and watches.